Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a PIN?

The PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. In Hussey College Warri Portal, it is a unique 10-digit number that is required to access the service. The service enables direct access to a candidate's results and registration. The PIN is found on a valid Hussey College Portal Scratch card and is revealed when cover patch on the reverse side of the card is carefully scratched off.

2.What is a Scratch card?

A Scratch card is a plastic card with a scratch patch on the reverse side that conceals a PIN required to access the Hussey College Warri Portal service. On the front view of the Card it is written “Access Card".

3. Where can I buy a Scratch card?

A Scratch card may be purchased at the Principal’s Office or any designated centre prescribed by the school. The price for the Scratch card will be communicated to you by the school authority.

4. How many times can I check my results?

You may check your results up to a maximum of 5 (five)  times with the use of 1 (one) Scratch card. In order to check further after exhausting the allowed 5 (five) times you will need to purchase another Scratch card which will entitle you to another 5 (five) result checks. NOTE: ALL CARDS EXPIRE AT THE END OF EACH ACADEMIC SESSION.

5. Can I use one Scratch card to check result and register my records?

Yes! You can use one Scratch card to check your result and also register your details in the school portal but only 5 (five) times use. To check another result of interest after 5 (five) times use, you will require a new Scratch card. If you misuse a Scratch card by attempting to check another result after expiration of the card, you will be presented with the a message “This card has expired”.

6. In what other ways can I check my results?

Besides having your results displayed to you on a webpage on the Hussey College Warri Portal website, you may also have your results delivered to you in hard copy format.