• The Boarding House is optional: Student in Certificate classes JS3 and SS3 are often advised to be in the Boarding House: The Hostels are managed by experienced House Masters/Mistresses.


    (1) One pair Of black Shoes (2) Two pairs of black stockings (3) school Blazer (coat) with the school badge (4) One blanket (5) One six-spring foam (6) One pillow (7) Two white bed sheets/Two house colour bed sheets (8) Two white pillow cases / two house colour pillow cases (9) One pair of bathroom slippers (10) Two pairs of nightgowns/pyjamas (11) One mosquito net (12) One cover cloth (wrapper) (13) School Cardigan (optional) (14) One bucket (15) One 10 liters jerry can to store drinking water (16) Complete set of cutleries (fork, knife, spoon and table spoon) plates (1 deep and 1 flat) (17) One bathing towel (18) One touch light/rechargeable lantern (19) One hoe/one slashing matchet (20) One outside/inside broom (21) One rain coat (22) Underwears /boxers (23) One locker / padlock (24) Toiletries (25) One pair of House wears (House Colours) long sleeves for Senior and short sleeves for Junior Students.

    NB: Parents/Guardians should ensure that their child(ren's) / ward (s) names are boldly inscribed on all their belongings for easy identification and safe keep.


    The house wears are the colours of the houses: Red check for the Dore/Iye house; Blue check for Seville Dawes/Otsowode Houses, Green check foe Nana house and Yellow check for Ejimogho and Ikoli House


    Parents / Guardians are allowed to visit their children/wards on the last Sundays of each month between the hours of 2.00pm to 5.00pm


  • The School has a Sick Bay that is managed by a nurse. Minor cases are attended to by the nurse while severe cases are referred to the professional health practitioners. Medical Reports in respect of New students, using the prescribed format should be submitted on admission: Alcoholic Beverages and drugs not prescribed by a medical professional is not allowed in the School.

Science Laboratory

  • A powerfully equipped science laboratory is available in Hussey College, Warri where students are practically involved in real life demonstration of the scientific theorem thought them by their teachers for better understanding.

    All parents/Guardians are expected to provide the children/wards with the required/prescribed textbooks/Exercise Books and other necessary teaching/learning materials.