Admission is through a competitive Entrance Examination organized by the State Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education: The admission requirements are the first school learning Certificate for learners into JS1 and the Basic Education Certificate Examination for student into SS1


Please Note:
Students wanting to enroll as boarders at Hussey College Warri will be required to fill in a series of additional forms pertaining to personal health and boarding house policies. The information in these is regarded as confidential, these forms must be obtained from and returned to the Admission officer at the school. They will be sent to you on receipt of this application form.


All parents/Guardians are expected to provide the children/wards with the required/prescribed textbooks/Exercise Books and other necessary teaching/learning materials.


  • The color of the school uniform are white (shirt/Blouse) and Ash (Pair of Trousers/Shirts)
    BOYS: JUNIOR: Short Sleeve. Sir John's White Shirt with Black Bow Tie.
    GIRLS JUNIOR: Short Sleeve. Sir John's White Blouse with Black Bow Tie.
    BOYS: SENIOR:SSl/SS2: Long Sleeve, Sir John's white shirt with Black Bow Tie.
    GIRLS: SENIOR: SS1/SS2: Long Sleeve, Sir John's white shirt with Black Bow Tie.
    SENIOR BOYS / GIRLS SS3: Long sleeve, Sir John's white shirt with black long tie.
    BOYS: JUNIOR/SENIOR: - Ash colour (not pencil/skin tight).
    GIRLS: JUNIOR/SENIOR - Ash colour (A little below the knee, NOT SHORT/TIGHT SKIN)
    CEREMONIAL WEARS: SCHOOL BLAZER (MANDATORY FOR BOTH SEXES) and school Blazer/Hat are worn every Mondays and on ceremonial days.